Recipe eBook

101 Simple Healthy Recipes –An ebook made for anybody trying to live a healthier life!

101SHR cover


What’s included in this ebook:

  • 101 simple, healthy and delicious recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks, and desserts! 
  • 155 pages of content
  • Basic and familiar ingredients for most recipes
  • 39 vegan recipes, 30 vegetarian recipes and 72 gluten free recipes.
  • A beautiful new design, with easier to read recipes and bigger images for your viewing pleasure!

You’ll find 101 recipes in my ebook, for only USD$10!

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Sample Pages:

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page 4 page 2

What customers are saying:

“If you want a ton of easy to follow clean recipes, I HIGHLY recommend you check this out!! in her ebook, Nati gives you everything from: how to cut a mango to basic ingredient replacements. And honestly, it really is EASY TO FOLLOW!! And delicious!! Oh! And it also has beautiful pictures!! This has quickly become one of my favorite recipe books!”

– ELIANNE ALEXANDER @eliannealexander

Nat’s guide is a GREAT solution! Whether you live in a dorm room and cook off a hot plate like myself, live at home, or are a mom wanting to cook healthy recipes for the whole fam – a guide like Nati’s is ideal!!! The recipes are tasty, few ingredients needed, and it’s an ebook!! I can look at it anytime I want (as long as my phone is charged). There is something for every tastebud!! SO GET COOKIN’”

– SAMANTHA DREW @sweatology

What I love about these recipes is that none of them need a ton of ingredients and they’re all so easy! I had a hard time choosing what to make first.”


“I only eat whatever is cooked at home which is not the healthiest choice most of the time. But I love this recipe book because it’s SO easy to follow. I love how its all detailed and the ingredients are not even complicated. I got the book weeks ago but just starting to use it now and I see something amazing coming my way! Thanks Nat x”

– Sonia @soniaaa_c 

“love your book, it was exactly what I was looking for. Healthy recipes which are super easy to follow and don’t have loads of hard to get ingredients! Thank You!!”

– Amy Donoghue @amyd1507

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20 thoughts on “Recipe eBook

  1. Hey Nat!! I’m having trouble downloading this recipe through the link I got sent. I didn’t know where to message you best, so apologies if this isn’t the right place.


  2. Hi!! I was just wondering if you use a lot of meat / dairy in your recipes? Do you think it would be possible (and still taste good) if I used alternatives for them like soy products? Thanks a lot!!


  3. Hey!
    Do you use a lot of protein powder in your recipes? I like to stick to natural foods, so I thought I would ask beforehand. 🙂 Muchas gracias guapa! 😉


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