Do you follow the H.E.L.P. Guide?

This is the question i’ve been asked the most, and the answer is:

Yes & No

Before i started BBG I would eat unhealthy foods all the time. When I started reading the HELP guide, I realized which foods are healthy and which foods are not. I followed the guide by the letter for a while, but slowly I realized which foods I should be eating, and started making up my own diet. Kayla’s guide helped me realize my unhealthy habits weren’t going to get me anywhere. I believe you don’t have to follow her guide by the letter, but you must eat healthy if you want results. Also, you must actually READ her guide to learn! Don’t just read the meal plan, read everything!

I have tried many diets, and some of them work for a while, but you always end up crashing. You can go to the gym everyday, but if you fuel your body with unhealthy food, you will not see results. 👊


Written above is “30% exercise, 70% healthy eating”. Usually the quote says “30% gym, 70% diet”, but you don’t really need a gym to workout and eating healthy is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle 🙌
After one month of eating healthy foods, I was so happy I couldn’t go back to my unhealthy ways. I wake up with energy, I WANT to work out (which is weird for me cuz i’m laaazyyy), and I’m excited to try new recipes everyday!! 💪
So yes, for those of you who have asked me, eating healthy is a BIG part of leading a healthy life. If you want to lose weight, or get a toned body, or lose that cellulite on your legs, the first thing you need is HEALTHY EATING!! 💛
You will see progress by doing bbg (or any other workout program), but if you incorporate healthy eating into your life, you will stick to your routine and you’ll see more progress than ever!!


6 thoughts on “Do you follow the H.E.L.P. Guide?

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  2. Nats , i need your help plz, i just bought the bbg, i read it, but i don’t understande it verry well, so can you explain to me the hiit and the less workout, and how should i organise my 12 weeks


  3. Do you eat much good fat (avocado, olive oil etc) – I’m just about to start Kayla’s plans but was wondering if you stick to the daily limit of 1/4 an avocado rigidly? 🙂 thanks nats you’re so inspiring! xx


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