Do You Drink Alcohol?

Well.. It’s complicated!
I used to be a very heavy drinker. I would drink at least 4 times a week, and I would drink heavy drinks. I would get wasted and wake up with terrible hangovers which left me pretty f*cked up for the rest of the day.
It’s been hard doing the transition of drinking all the time to not drinking at all.
So I’ve tried to stop drinking. I started by eliminating all heavy drinks, like Vodka, Rum, Pisco, Whiskey, etc. For the first 3 months of BBG, I quit alcohol. I needed to quit cold turkey because I knew it would be hard. But after a while I started missing out on things, and drinking water isn’t always an option.

I now only drink Champagne (Brut), Wine and Beer. However, when I do drink these, I count them as a “treat” meal. I don’t drink in huge quantities like I used to. I drink moderately and I enjoy the conversations that come with that one glass of wine at a dinner or that bottle of Corona at the beach.

I do not miss drinking heavy drinks, specially because those drinks came with sodas.

If I had tried to do stop drinking when I was 19 or 20, I wouldn’t have been able to. I only successfully stopped drinking because I am in a point in my life where I no longer need to party to have fun. I have a boyfriend who has helped “tame” me haha! I used to be a party animal. But now I would much rather have some dinner with a cup of wine and watch a movie, than go out to a club where people will judge me for my looks and i’ll feel awkward if i’m not wasted. But hey, that’s just me 🙂

So… I highly recommend you drop the heavy drinks. This has helped A LOT. The amount of sugar in those things is unbelievable. And sodas? I have completely stopped drinking sodas and I do not miss them at all.
But having a cup of wine every now and again is perfectly fine.
Treating yourself is always good


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