Do You Still Have Cellulite?


My cellulite has been reduced by about 95%. I still have a little bit of cellulite on my legs, but it doesn’t worry me anymore.

For years cellulite was my BIGGEST problem area. My legs were full of cellulite. I would wear shorts and be self conscious ALL the time! I would have to put on a pair of panty hose underneath my shorts and dresses ALWAYS, so my cellulite would be less obvious. But still, i’d be constantly self conscious.

I’d say having my cellulite disappear has been one of the most satisfying feelings. I can wear shorts now without thinking of my concealing my legs. It’s a great feeling! Kayla’s workouts have toned my legs more than I ever expected! Hopefully soon it’ll be 100% gone, but until then i’ll wear my shorts with confidence anyway 😀



5 thoughts on “Do You Still Have Cellulite?

    1. When i finished BBG round 1, i still had some! I would say on the second round of bbg it has finally almost dissapeared!! But that’s probably cuz my first bbg was more about losing weight, and my second round was about toning up! So i guess it depends on what kind of body you have! Good luck!


  1. Ano passado fiquei sem tomar refrigerante por 3 meses e foi mais que o suficiente para grande parte das celulites irem embora, mas Coca-cola é o meu vício e não gosto de sucos industrializados e nem sempre temos na rua ou casa dos outros sucos naturais. Estou lutando com isso


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