How Do You Keep Your Eating Habits Disciplined (Especially When Living With Family)?

Eating habits

In Chile it’s very common to live with your parents until after you graduate college. I lived with my mom and siblings until I was 23 😕  It had its pros and cons.

I’ve done countless diets and my mom was never very supportive of any of them, considering I’d stop dieting after a month and binge eat everything 👎  So when I started my healthy lifestyle, she didn’t completely approve or disapprove, she just made it very clear that I would have to do my own cooking.
I started by asking her if she could buy me simple things, like brown rice and quinoa and oatmeal, etc. She was OK with that. I started cooking delicious meals and soon my sister joined in on the healthy lifestyle, so my mom kind of had to buy more healthy foods 🍉🍍🍓 In that way I was very lucky, since my mom started looking for healthier alternatives to our regular meals and started being supportive of this lifestyle 💛  It took a while, but once she saw how committed I was to eating healthy (and understood this wasn’t another one of my useless diets), she began to help me out more.

I guess it depends on how nice your family is about it. If you convince your family that this is something REAL that you’re committed to, they might even start eating the same foods as you! I have many friends who are doing this with their parents and/or siblings.
PS. If you’re serious about eating right, you’ll have to start cooking! I looove cooking now 😍🍴


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