When Did You Start Seeing Progress?

it-takes-4-weeks-for-you-to-notice-your-weight-loss-tile_thumb2 Many women have asked me how long it took me to see progress while doing BBG.

Truth is, as soon as I started eating healthy, I started to FEEL progress. I felt a lot better instantly; I had so much more energy in week 1 than I ever did two weeks earlier!

But seeing physical changes takes a bit longer. I would say, I started to feel progress in week 1, but I saw real physical changes by week 2 maybe? It was slooow progress, but I could feel myself getting leaner.

By the time I reached week 4, I was full of confidence. I could feel my legs getting leaner, and my stomach getting a bit flatter. My family and boyfriend started noticing changes in my body and in my face 🙂

By the time I finished the 12 weeks of BBG, everyone noticed a change. People who I hadn’t seen in a long time would go up to me and ask me what I’d done in order to achieve this transformation.

(funny sidenote: one of my boyfriend’s friends was so shocked when he saw how much weight I had lost, he said I was like a pokemon that had evolved😂)

Everyone’s body is different. It did not take long for me to start seeing changes, but maybe that’s because I had a lot of fat to lose! Some people start their fitness journey with less fat, some with more, some want to lose weight and others want to get more definition. Don’t compare your bodies to others, and TRUST THE PROCESS. Everyone is different, and if you stick to healthy eating and regularly doing exercise, you’ll see results!


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