Do You Do Any Other Exercises Other Than Kayla’s BBG?

I often look at the workouts and say uuuuuuughhh burpees noooooooooo!! anything but burpeeesssssss! haha
So, my boyfriend has been doing Insanity and T25 (by Shaun T) and sometimes i’ll be at our apartment and we both want to work out but the space isn’t so big, so we compromise. Sometimes he does my kayla workouts and sometimes I do Insanity with him (so INTENSE, but not as intense as Kayla :O)


I did BBG for months and it was very effective, but i’m someone who gets bored easily.. so I did. I still do BBG every now and then, but i’m always on the lookout for other workout guides. I’ve started using FitnessBlender a lot, and also guides like Ready to Lift or Build a Better Booty. I have also incorporated yoga into my routines.


10 thoughts on “Do You Do Any Other Exercises Other Than Kayla’s BBG?

      1. What do you mean for the 6 times? For the 6 months? Yes, I’ve been doing kayla’s bbg for 6 months, and now i’ve been incorporating new workouts but nothing too difficult!


  1. Hola nats, sos una inspiracion para muchas de nosotras y luces fantastica! Quisiera preguntarte algo, hago gimnasia una hora y media todos los dias, y quiero empezar con el programa de kayla, es recomndable que siga con todo y empieze lo de kayla o que deje algo? Gracis


    1. Hola Lara! Depende de que haces en el gym. Muchos de los ejercicios de Kayla se pueden hacer en el gimnasio. Compra la guía y vas a ver! Tu tienes que armar tu horario según lo que te guste y te acomode! Suerte!


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