How To Do Kayla’s Resistance Training Circuits

Many people seem to have trouble understanding how to do the circuits, which is OK, it’s pretty complicated to understand at first!

Each workout consists of two different circuits repeated twice each.

In each circuit, you need to repeat the 4 given exercises as many times as possible within 7 minutes. Stop when the timer stops!

Take 30-90 seconds to rest between each circuit.

So basically you do Circuit 1, then Circuit 2, then Circuit 1 again, then Circuit 2 again.

how to

Don’t forget to Warm up before, and to Stretch after!


10 thoughts on “How To Do Kayla’s Resistance Training Circuits

  1. How many times are you able to repeat one circuit? I usally repeat it twice or three time but i’m feeling like it’s not enough
    I have just finished my first week


  2. Hey, were you able to go all 7 minutes for each circuit when you first started? I just started week one, and completing just one set of reps has me breathless (oh gosh I’m so unfit), let alone do all 4 sets in 7 mins without stopping 😦


    1. Hey! It’s normal to get out of breath! When I first started I usually did each circuit once in 7 mins and then i’d feel like passing out! Just push through and you’ll see how your resistance improves!


  3. HOw long did it take you to a complete a full workout? It usually takes me about an hour lol to repeat two circuits. It’s intense!


  4. Hola!!! primero que nada muchas felicidades en tu progreso!!! Te quería preguntar… cuanfdo llegas a la semana 9 y ya tienes que hacer 4 RT que haces en el cuarto? Y si cumples todo lo de LISS y HIIT que hay que hacer??
    Mil gracias y saludos desde México!


  5. Hey! Do you do one of the four exercises in the circuits in seven minutes each or do you do all the four exercises as many times as you can in seven minutes? I have a little trouble understanding it😅
    I’m sorry if the question is bad explained😆
    Btw you are a great inspiration❤️


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