Should You Restart a Week If You’ve Been Slacking?

So let’s say you’re in Week 6 of Kayla’s BBG, and you’ve been slacking all week. By the end of the week you realize you’ve had way too many cheat meals and you haven’t done as many of the workouts as you should have.

Many people decide to restart that week and give it another try. This is fine.. but it’s not for me.

I feel like that’s cheating at life! Haha!

Everyone has bad weeks. Everyone has that one week where you want to crawl into a bed and cry for hours but you CAN’T because your schedule is overflowing with things to do! Everyone has birthday parties, gettogethers with friends, weddings, wedding anniversaries, goodbye parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties, and other events you have to attend and you’re basically f*cked, you’ll have to eat whatever they’re serving there (unless you’re one of those people who attends a wedding with tupperware, very frowned upon hahahaha). Everyone has a life! You can’t just stay home and be healthy and not talk to anyone.


To all of us. You can either be that person who says “this week has been INSANE and I didn’t have time for anything”, or you can be the person who sees that busy schedule ahead of you, and plans ahead. Wake up early and workout, cook your meals in advance. No one says it’s easy, it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s possible!

So anyway, I feel like restarting a week is basically saying that week in your life didn’t exist. You finish your 12 weeks of BBG, or whatever other program you’re doing, and you look at your progress picture. Was it actually 12 weeks? or more like 14 weeks because you restarted some weeks?

I don’t know, I just feel like if you have a bad week you have to stop beating yourself up about it, and just try to KICK NEXT WEEK’S BUTT!! It’s OK to have bad weeks. ALL  of us have bad weeks. Just make it your goal to have a GREAT WEEK after your sucky one 😀


4 thoughts on “Should You Restart a Week If You’ve Been Slacking?

  1. What do you do in that particular period of the month when we women have that crazy days cravings and lower stomach hurts and your back too / how do u train? and fix the craving period problems ?


    1. Hello!
      I’m not really one of those people who get menstrual cramps or pains, but I’ve found these three articles written by Kayla about the subject!
      Hope they answer your questions!

      On Bloating:

      On Cravings:

      On Cramps:


  2. Hi! Have you ever had those days/weeks wherein you had little to no time to do the BBG because you have a lot of work/school load or you feel tired? What do you do? I’ve tried the BBG before, until week 5, but then the exams and finals came and I stopped for a while. Then I didn’t know what to do…


    1. Hi Anne! Of course that’s happened to me! I’m only human 🙂 What I try to do is take it easy on the days I can’t workout whether it’s because i’m physically exhausted or because I have no time. Then on LISS days I workout twice as hard! I Try to use those LISS days to do resistance workouts as well. Also, I feel like somedays the excuses are too much. So sometimes you just need to stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT!! you got this!


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