What Equipment Do You Need For Kayla’s BBG?

This is definitely one of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

A lot of people think you need to go to the gym to see results. But that’s what’s awesome about Kayla’s BBG! You can train in the comfort of your home with little to no equipment needed.

For Kayla’s workouts, you officially need (as seen on page 21 of her updated guide):

  • Dumbbells (3-6kg)
  • Medicine Ball (6-12 kg)
  • 2 Flat Benches (30 cm+)
  • Skipping Rope

I have some dumbbells and a skipping rope. I do not own a medicine ball or 2 flat benches.

You need to get creative! If you don’t have a medicine ball, you could use your dumbbells as a replacement, or maybe a watermelon (if it’s heavy enough it’s the perfect replacement to a medicine ball!)

If you don’t have dumbbells, you can fill some water bottles with sand or rice and use those as dumbbells!

The Benches are sometimes used for step ups. You don’t necessarily need a bench for your step ups! I would sometimes do the step ups in the stairs in my house, or on the coffee table in the living room, or on the toilet! hahah you just need to find a flat surface that’s relatively tall but not soooo tall and you’ll be fine!

The benches can also be used for Straight Leg Raises. I also improvise here. I use this small little seat (don’t really know what to call it) for some of the abs workouts. It’s not perfect and it’s pretty short, but it does the job!


I would say the most important equipment needed for BBG is:

  • Yoga Mat (or any kind of mat)
  • Dumbbells
  • Skipping Rope
  • Water Bottle

You don’t NEED to go to the Gym to have these materials. This shouldn’t be an excuse! Dumbbells, Yoga mats and Skipping Ropes are not expensive or hard to find.

I have a Gym membership and I use it for LISS and HIIT. I would never do my resistance training at the gym, because i’m pretty shy and would hate it if strangers saw me sweat and shout like that πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “What Equipment Do You Need For Kayla’s BBG?

  1. What do you use for double bench jumps and the burpee bench jumps (in the later weeks)? I’m using chairs right now to do my step ups, but I don’t trust them to be stable enough for the jumps :X they’re also really high and I’m a little scared to jump on them. 😦 do you have any tips for those?


  2. What did you use in place of the bosu ball? How do you like the app? I want to join this program, but I’m hearing a lot of bad opinions about the app. Your experience?


    1. Hi! I never used a bosu ball, just replaced it with weights when i could. And I never really used the app! I always use the guides instead. I’ve heard the app is awesome though! but don’t know enough to give you an educated opinion. Good luck!


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