Never Miss A Monday

Mondays can be hard. We usually treat ourselves during the weekend and Mondays feel like hell! Going back to the routine of the week can have a mental toll on you. Lots of people decide to take a rest day on Monday. I know i’ve been tempted to.
But if you don’t start your week off right, then how good will the rest of your week be?

When doing BBG, it can be hard to start mondays with resistance training. Sometimes I’ll be ready to workout, then i’ll look at the workout for the day and say “hell no”. So I choose to do my LISS workout that day.
Ideally, we all should start our Mondays STRONG. Kick ass on a Monday. But sometimes, it’s not that easy. I would much rather start my mondays with a nice 45 minute power walk, than suffer through a workout where I won’t be giving it my all.

My BBG journey has been different the second time around. The first time, I would feel TERRIBLE if I didn’t get my workout in on the day it’s meant to be done. Now, I look at my weekly timetable and it’s a mess, but as long as I get the workouts done, one way or the other, it’s an accomplishment. If you choose to have two or three rest days, try to keep your workout days full of activity. Resistance training in the morning, and LISS in the afternoon? No problem!

So, KICK ASS on Monday. Or, don’t. But get off your butt and start the week off right! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Never Miss A Monday

  1. Hi, I have started week 4 on bbg 1.0. I was wondering how important it is splitting ur liss and resistance training into morning and afternoon. Some days its more convenient for me to do them back to back.


    Ps you look amazing.


    1. Hi Kylie!
      Kayla recommends doing them on different days for a reason. I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you do them together, but it’s best to use LISS days to “relax” a bit after your resistance workouts. Good luck!


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