Treats vs. Cheat Meals

When I first did @kayla_itsines bikini body guide, I was very strict. I only had one cheat meal a week. I looked forward to that one cheat meal all week, and planned in advance, knowing that there was that one specific day in the week where I would cheat. This was great, it allowed me to be very organized with my eating and I lost 5 kilos in the first 3 months of BBG because of this (and the exercises obviously).
Then I started BBG again. I wanted to be as strict as I was the first time, but slowly I started realizing that I couldn’t live like that.
I have most definitely not gone back to my old ways (drinking 4 times a week and eating as unhealthy as I possibly could), and I would never go back to that. But sometimes it’s hard to stick to a 100% healthy lifestyle. Today I went to a restaurant with my dad and so many things on the menu looked amazing, but had those one or two ingredients that I shouldn’t eat. I ended up ordering a salad (cuz apparently that’s the only healthy thing they serve anywhere, which kind of sucks) only to later realize it had cheese, which I have sort of cut out of my diet (except for ricotta, cottage and feta cheese). I could have felt terrible and not eaten the salad, but I didn’t. It was delicious. So what if I ate something with an ingredient I normally wouldn’t eat? This is just one example of what happens every time I go out. It’s probably going to be hard finding a restaurant that serves whole wheat pasta or brown rice, and if I have to stick to salads, that’s fine. I try not to eat out a lot because of this.
But if I happen to eat something I normally wouldn’t, I have chosen to stop worrying. I’m not going to gain all my kilos back. It’s going to take a little bit longer to get the body I want, but I would rather enjoy the ride that suffer the whole way through!

I try not to have cheat meals anymore, instead, I allow myself treats during the day. Not everyday, but whenever I feel like it. If a friend comes over and we happen to drink a bottle of wine together, so be it! If I choose to have some sushi, great!
I just try to pick the healthiest version of everything I eat. So if I want to drink something, I won’t reach out for a Mojito, I’ll go for a glass of wine or champagne. If I feel like eating sushi, I won’t get the roll covered in fried tempura, i’ll probably get one covered in salmon or avocado. If I choose to give myself a treat, I always make it a healthy one. The few times I have had a cheat meal and gone all out with it, I feel terrible later, not only because I feel guilty but also because my stomach can’t deal with unhealthy foods anymore!

I’m not saying that what I do is the right way to do it. I highly recommend your weekly cheat meal if you’re trying to lose weight. But right now, I don’t want to lose anymore weight. I just want to be the best possible version of myself. And for me, that means letting myself have those treats and not missing out on any experiences because of my lifestyle. I have chosen to eat healthy not for 3 or 6 months, but forever. I want to keep feeling this great all my life! So bring on those healthy treats! There’s always a healthy alternative to your favorite meals. ALWAYS!!

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3 thoughts on “Treats vs. Cheat Meals

  1. Love your attitude! Very inspiring. I’ve struggled with body image and problems with food for most of my life and this is definitely something that I needed to hear in my journey. Looking forward to seeing more work from you!


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