Morning or Night Workouts?

I don’t know about you guys, but I would much rather get my workout done first thing in the morning, instead of late at night!

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the question, “Would you rather work out in the morning or at night?”

For me, it depends!

When it comes to resistance workouts, I need a lot of energy and I need my body to feel “light”. I tried doing the workouts in the afternoon for a week and I HATED it! My body was like uuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhh! So I decided I would start waking up earlier and getting my resistance training in the morning. I love it! I love waking up, taking my time, eating a banana, calmly putting on my workout clothes, and getting my workout done and out of my way! I love not having to worry if I’m going to have time, energy, etc in the afternoon. I love it when it’s 8 am and I already got my workout out of the way and my day is full of possibilities 😀 I also love working out early because the temperature is just right (in summer at least. i’m not looking forward to winter morning workouts :'()

When it comes to LISS, I love walking. I really like catching up  with my boyfriend on how our day went while walking for an hour at night. I don’t mind walking in the morning, but I like finishing the day with a great walk. Again, this depends on the weather. Doubt we’ll be doing much walking in the cold Chilean winter 😦

Anyway, I’ve never been a morning person AT ALL. Some time ago I could never dream of waking up before 8 am to get my workout done. Now, it’s exciting! I feel like I am one step ahead of everyone who is pressing that snooze button at home haha

Becoming a morning person isn’t easy, but there’s a few things you can try out in order to achieve it! I saw this buzzfeed article with many great ideas on how to become more of a morning exerciser!

Some tips:

Walk to your alarm

Put your phone/alarm across the room from your bed, so you’re kind of forced to walk over there and turn it off!


Leave your workout outfit next to your bed, ready to put on in the morning. The newer the workout outfit, the more motivated you’ll be! 😛

Give yourself some time

I personally prefer waking up 30 minutes before working out. I like waking up, scrolling through my instagram for a while, walking out of bed, drinking some water, eating a banana, putting on my workout clothes, and then starting my workouts. I hate being in a rush. I would rather have 30 minutes less of sleeping, than being in a hurry and stressed out! I love taking my time. So I always plan to have that half an hour to do these things before starting my workouts.


Drink water as soon as you wake up. This helps give you that boost of energy. Some people also like drinking coffee first thing in the morning (not my cup of coffee though.. get it? 😂)

Find what’s best for you

Some people have no time in the morning, others have no energy at night, or vice versa.  I never thought I’d be a morning person but here I am. Give morning workouts a try, as well as night workouts. Find out which one you like better and commit to it! You can do this!!



8 thoughts on “Morning or Night Workouts?

  1. It’s going to be hard for me to start my day working out, since I have to start dragging myself out of the house for work around 6:45AM. Do you think, I can workout for maybe just 30mins to start my day? Is it enough for me to be “fit” and energized?


    1. Yes! I don’t know if you’re doing kayla’s bbg workouts but those are 30 minutes long. It takes commitment to wake up a half hour or more earlier to workout and it’s not for everyone, but if you manage to do it, you won’t regret it!


  2. Hi! Do I need to do any warm ups (ie light running or jogging) before I start kayla BBG?

    Because I gotta wake up early to drag myself to work too, and the gym isn’t open that early 😦 so If I gotta do some warm ups before the exercise Id prolly not be able to do it before work.

    That said, is there any difference between working out at night and in the morning besides if it suits me? Will it cause the BBG to not work out as well ?

    Haha sorry for the many questions!!


    1. Hi Eleanna! Thanks for writing 🙂 You should do a small warmup, but nothing too big! I usually jump rope for a minute, or jog in place. There’s really no difference in night or morning workouts other than it suiting you better!!


  3. Hey! I am afraid that if I workout in the morning I’ll be very tired at work / the rest of the day. What are your experiences concerning this? Thank you so much for being an inspiration!!


  4. Sounds to good to be True – I’ll definitely give it a try! I was afraid that one would be more exhausted / tired throughout the day and that’s what stopped me.


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