Did You Struggle With The BBG Exercises At The Beginning?


The first few weeks doing BBG was HELL!! I seriously couldn’t believe how hard the workouts were and how much I was sweating! I was out of breath almost instantly (specially with the Legs & Cardio ones) and sometimes I even felt like throwing up. It was insane.

So for all of those of you telling me you’re struggling with the exercises and those asking me if I struggled with the exercises too, just know you’re not alone and it’s not easy to start BBG. I have friends who have trained daily for years, and when they start the resistance workouts they’re like WHAT JUST HAPPENED? KAYLA? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? <– true story

So don’t feel discouraged if you’re having trouble finishing the workouts at first, or if you run out of breath, or if you feel like kayla just murdered you. We’ve all been there! Your form will not be perfect when you first start, but when you reach week 12 you’ll be impressed by how much better you’ve gotten at the exercises and how much stronger you are!

Good luck to all of you starting BBG!


8 thoughts on “Did You Struggle With The BBG Exercises At The Beginning?

  1. hello! i just wanted to say thank you so much for being so kind and patient, taking the time to properly answer the questions you must receive at a daily rate. your progress has been astounding – best of luck!!


  2. Hola! La verdad que ver tus cambios fue decisivo para que me compre Bikini Body Guide y me ponga a trabajar duro, espero lograr resultados similares del otro lado de la cordillera … Hoy no tenía ánimo de cardio así que lo dejé para el miércoles y me puse a hacer Abs&Arms, week 2, pero cuando me tocó hacer 4 mountain climbers + 1 push up sentí morir!!! A decir verdad, no llegué a hacer las 24 repeticiones la primera vez, y estuve bastante lejos cuando me tocó repetir el circuito 2 =( … Me siento mal por eso, pero creo que a todos nos ha pasado no? Digo, quizás en week 4 esté mejor?



  3. Your progress is truly inspiring! When you started did you start with the pre-training or did you just dive right into the workouts? I have been an athlete my whole life until I got to college and I haven’t really worked out in the past 6 months. I started the first workout yesterday of the normal first week and I couldn’t finish! Were you unable to finish the first couple of workouts?


    1. Hi Cara! Thanks for writing. I didn’t start with pre-training because there wasn’t any pre-training available back then! But I think you just have to push yourself. When I started I hadn’t done any exercise in like 5 years! It was really hard at first but I would manage to get them done by doing them more slowly. If you need to take an hour instead of half an hour to do the resistance workouts, then so be it! Also, don’t forget your LISS sessions! Good luck!

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  4. Hola, he estado viendo en muchos lados que comentan sobre BBG y decidí probarlo, hoy intenté hacer la rutina del 1er dia y realmente no pude llegar ni a la mitad!! y se que al siguiente día se vienen push ups y nunca he podido hacer mas de 3 XD mi pregunta es.. debería darme esta semana de práctica y luego empezar denuevo los ejercicios de la primera semana y empezar a contar desde ahí… que hacías tú si no podías completar la rutina? soy muy primeriza en lo que es músculo.. no pensé que me iba a costar porque hago ejercicio de lunes a viernes una hora en la caminadora… pero no he visto resultado hace años asique por eso me decidí a probar BBG.. Alguna recomendación para las que no podemos completarlas?


    1. Hola Camila! Existe una version del bbg que tiene un mes de pre-training. He escuchado que esa versión ayuda a aquellas que no están listas para empezar bbg! Pero es normal no poder completar los ejercicios, son MUY difíciles. Intenta de modificarlos. Los pushups los puedes hacer con las rodillas en el piso envés de con los pies! Suerte!


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