How Many Calories Do You Eat Daily / Do You Count Calories?

I do not count calories.
I used to, and it was SO STRESSING! But since I started eating healthy foods, I just make sure whatever i’m eating is healthy and I don’t worry about how many calories each of the foods I eat has.
Some people like counting calories and using apps like MyFitnessPal to keep a food diary and measure how much they’re eating daily. But I don’t feel the need to count calories and go through the stress of “omg this has too many calories, should I eat it?”.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, I don’t care about the calories. But if I’m buying a package of Quinoa Cookies, I look at the label. I try to steer away from products with sugar.

I highly recommend starting a healthy food plan that works for you and stop stressing how many calories you eat!



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