How Do You Deal With Cravings?

Cravings are the worst 😦

We usually find ourselves craving for foods high in fat, sugar or carbs. When we ingest these foods, they trigger the release of natural opioids and give us a sense of pleasure, or a kind of mini-high.

Cravings can happen for the following reasons:

  • Emotional
  • Boredom
  • Deprivation
  • Hunger

Emotional eating is also known as stress eating. You might be craving something specific and you’ll feel like no other food will do the trick. The point of emotional eating is the simple act of eating, whether you do it to soothe yourself, burn some nervous energy or stuff a feeling of emptiness.

Craving by Boredom happens to a lot of people who are “dieting”. If you eat the same foods everyday, you might get bored and start craving different (unhealthier) foods.

Craving because of Deprivation is also very common for people who are on a diet. When you’re on a diet, you know what foods you can eat and which foods you can’t.Β If you’re constantly thinking about those foods you’re not supposed to eat, you’ll end up eating them. The key here is moderation. If you’re craving a cookie, go for it. Make it your cheat meal, or your daily treat. But if you can’t eat only one cookie and you end up eating the whole box, then you should probably try to NOT buy that cookie box.

Sometimes you think you’re craving something, but it turns out you’re just plain hungry.


Have food and water with you at all times.

If you leave your house unprepared, chances are you’ll end up buying the unhealthy snack that looks a lot more tasty (and is probably a lot cheaper) than the healthy one. If you pack your snacks and your lunch for the day, you’ll avoid temptation!

Chill out.

Sometimes you feel like you NEED THAT PIZZA NOOOOW but if you give it half an hour, the craving might leave. Cravings come and go, and you don’t need to give in to them every time.

Keep your house healthy.

If you’re surrounded by unhealthy foods, chances are, you’ll cave in to them. I keep my food pantry mostly clean, this way I’m not tempted to eat any potato chips or whatever. It’s clearly harder to keep your house healthy when you live with your family and half of them eat shit all day. If this is the case, just make sure to keep the healthy and unhealthy food separated from each other, this way you don’t have to look at them constantly.

Replace your unhealthy cravings with healthier ones.

This isn’t easy and it doesn’t really work for everyone. But if you’re craving for something sweet, try eating some fruits instead. Fruits have natural sugars that are good for you and they’ll help keep your cravings down. Also, try eating healthy versions of the unhealthy foods you crave. Healthy pizza? Yes please. (Check out my recipe book for lots of healthy alternatives)

Stay busy.

Chances are, if you’re bored and your day is going by ultra slowly, you’ll start craving foods and maybe even binging.

Mindful eating.

Sometimes we eat for the sake of eating. We shove food in our face without really appreciating the taste of any of it. But if you eat slowly, and really take the time to taste what you’re eating, you’ll help decrease your cravings. Don’t just shove food in your face! Take your time and enjoy every bite! πŸ™‚

Don’t feel bad about giving in.

If you decide to give in to one of your cravings, try not to make it a binge. If it does turn out to be a binge, don’t give up! It’s just a bump in the road. This doesn’t mean you have to start over. It just means you’ll have to keep working harder πŸ™‚

Learn to love healthy food.

When you first start eating healthy food, you probably think “ugh, i’ll be eating salad from now on, booooring”. But there’s so much more to healthy foods than just salad! I have truly discovered so many DELICIOUS foods since I started eating healthy! Feta cheese! Sweet Potatoes! Quinoa! Smoothies! The list goes on and on. Find the foods you like and experiment with them! Combine different flavors, use different spices, create new recipes! I have truly fallen in love with eating healthy and creating new flavors. I love love looove cooking now!

I hope these tips help you out! I know it’s hard but YOU ARE STRONGER than your cravings! You can do this πŸ™‚ ❀


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