Slowly Breaking Up With Salt

We should all reduce the amount of salt we ingest daily. Yes, I know it’s not easy.

I know waaay too many people who add salt to their food before even trying it. And they add A LOT.

6g of salt is the maximum amount of salt you should have daily, but many consume way more than that.

These are some reasons why you should stop adding salt to your food:

1. Salt can make you thirsty for high calorie drinks.

2. Salt can weaken your bones

3. Salt makes you bloated. 

4. Salt causes kidneys to retain fluid and this increases blood pressure in the arteries. 

The first step to reducing your salt intake is by reading nutrition labels. Pre-made foods usually have a lot of sodium. Some food manufacturers say their products are low in sodium, but the reality is they are still way too high.

When I first started reducing the salt in my food, it sucked. Food felt very BLEGH. It was like it had lost all taste. It was kind of like when I stopped adding sugar to my tea (really gross at first, now it’s perfectly fine!). So I started small. I made the change from refined table salt to sea salt. Both types of salt have basically the same type of nutritional value, but I like sea salt better because of its thickness and taste; when added to food, very little of it is required for you to taste it. I feel like you have to add a lot more table salt to feel the taste, but that’s just my opinion!

Then, I discovered SPICES 😀 Now I add garlic, pepper, merkén, red pepper, and other spices to my food. I used to hate spicy food but now I CRAVE it! My taste buds are slowly getting used to eating spicier foods and everyday that passes I miss salt less. Sure, there are times when adding salt to your food is necessary. When cooking some rice or pasta, adding salt always makes the outcome better. But it’s important to STOP adding unnecessary salt to your finished product. Taste it first. Give it a try. You might be surprised at how much better you’ll feel when you give your relationship with salt a break 🙂

After some time, you’ll get used to eating with less salt and your body will thank you for it! Less bloating is something I have noticed in my body.


4 thoughts on “Slowly Breaking Up With Salt

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