How I Went From Lazy Bed Bum To Healthy Fitness Lover

Someone asked me recently how I went from being the lazy girl I was, to the person I am today. This is my answer 🙂

I was unhappy with my body for too long. I would go to pool parties but I’d never take off my shirt and hang out in a bikini. I’d see people chilling in their bikinis, not a worry in the world, and think “why can’t that be me?”

For a long time I thought I was just going to be miserable with my body forever. Instead of actually trying to change, I would just be sad and eat unhealthy food to try to make me feel better (didn’t really work, did it? haha)

I would drink alcohol almost every day. I would party all the time! Not only was I putting an unhealthy amount of alcohol in my body, I had the case of the hungover muchies. Some people wake up hungover and don’t eat anything all day because they’re nauseous. Not me! I would wake up, throw up (I’d throw up about 4 times per day, when really hungover) and eat a massive bread with cheese on it. Bread and cheese may not be the most unhealthy food ever (I was never one for McDonald’s or junk food in general.. except Pizza. love you pizza.) but eating that almost everyday for breakfast, then eventually throwing it up, then being hungry again and eating the next thing I found in the fridge… yeah, not good. On top of that, i’d be in my bed all day just dyyyying and suffering. I would not get any school work done, would not do any sports, and I would basically just stay in my room unless I was forced to go anywhere, in which case I would go with the nastiest face/breath ever and people would ask “rough night?” or “hungover again?”. This was my life and I was kind of ok with it. I knew I had to stop drinking but it was impossible for me to stop drinking if I kept partying.

When I stumbled upon Kayla’s instagram, I was so impressed by people’s transformations I knew I had to do it. I feel like Kayla’s instagram appearance in my life was very opportune. If this had happened a year earlier, I probably would have never stuck to it. But I stumbled upon said instagram on a Saturday, while I was babysitting, hungover, and eating some Papa John’s Pizza with some of that deliciously nasty garlic sauce on top.

Recently I had realized I looked fat in pictures. I say “looked fat” because that’s what I felt. I would blame it on the angle or the camera not being good enough, but I never really acknowledged my fatness until I took my Day 1 pictures. I tried taking the pictures from different angles so I wouldn’t look as gross, but then I realized, “holy shit, this is who I am now! I’m fat! do something!”

It was very hard for me to realize I was not in my best moment. My boyfriend would always make me feel beautiful and I generally felt good about myself, but that weekend I realized I really needed to make a change. And this change wasn’t just going to happen randomly. I obviously needed to work my ass off.

So I quit things cold turkey. I was so disgusted with my body pictures I promised myself I would get the 12 weeks done, whatever it took! So I stopped partying. I stopped drinking. If I had a get-together with friends, i’d take my bottle of water. It was VERY hard for me. Some people are addicted to candy, or chocolate, or junk food.. I was addicted to alcohol. I didn’t know how to socialize with people unless I was tipsy. Sometimes I think I was an alcoholic, but I never really drank alone, so I guess I was just a (extreme) social drinker? Whatever, it was very clear I had a problem if I couldn’t socialize with my closest friends without drinking!

So I wouldn’t drink anymore, and this was a game changer. I stopped staying up until late partying, therefore I would wake up earlier. When I woke up I wasn’t hungover, and this meant my day was full of possibilities! Including working out, which was never something I wanted to do before.

Not only did I quit alcohol, I also quit unhealthy foods. I wasn’t following kayla’s HELP guide to the letter, but I read all of the guide and learned SO MUCH about what was healthy and what wasn’t. I bought all the necessary healthy foods and started improvising with different flavors and recipes. I seriously LOVED the way healthy eating made me feel (I still love it, by the way). If you haven’t already, try eating only healthy foods for one week. You’ll immediately see a change in your energy levels! I never thought eating healthy foods would affect me in such a positive way!

My boyfriend and I both started eating healthy and exercising at the same time, and we saw results almost immediately! We both felt great, we fought less, and seriously, our love life became better haha we became much more loving with each other and muss less grouchy in general. Also, exercising together (we usually do LISS together) is awesome because we get to catch up on our day.

What happens when you eat a massive pasta or a huge pizza? You feel tired, exhausted, and bloated. I hadn’t really grasped this until I started eating healthy. And now that i’m here, feeling this amazing, everyday, I never want to go back to that lazy hungover bed bum.


15 thoughts on “How I Went From Lazy Bed Bum To Healthy Fitness Lover

  1. This is so inspiring! I’ve just started week fourteen of the second guide, I have done the first BBG twice 😊 I have trouble with eaton sometimes though, with binge eating haha not a lot but enough to make a difference. Any tips? Xx


  2. This is actually perfect and so inspiring! 🙂 I started a month ago but stopped 😦 but I’m excited to start again and work hard to improve my overall health! ❤


  3. I want to start a new kind of life. I’m so annoying of this type of life I’m doing: I eat a lot, I’m very very lazy. Olny yesterday, I though that I must do something to change my life and mostly myself. I’m a little fat, I want to be fit. Your blog is very inspiring. I’ve known Kayla’s blog before, but I’ve always though that I will never be successful beacuse I’m LAZY! Yesterday I asked my friend to go to run together, we ran 2 km and we walked 3. At the end I was very and very tired but I felt good with myself. Your blog and your instagram profile helped me and changed me. I take inspiration from your advices and I’m going to do exercises every day and eat healthy food, because, like you said before in the post :”why can’t that be me?” ! Thank you so much! (Sorry If I’ve done some mistakes, but I’m not very good in English )


  4. Nat you’re my biggest inspiration, I’m so happy everytime you post a picture on instagram because you spread so much positivity! I wanne be like you one day 🙂 It’s really cheesy but seeing your progress is what makes me want to keep going everyday because I feel like we have a lot in common and get out of bed to move my ass! Don’t stop doing what you do because you’re truly amazing! I wish you the best 🙂 ps I’m also spanish! X


  5. Hey! I am also doing kayla’s BBG guide, and just want to know if you truly believe that cellulite can be dramatically reduced by following the guides? Thanks! Keep up the good work! Xxx


  6. Hola Nati !! Me encanta el cambio que tuviste, y te felicito por todo lo que has contruído en otrno a esta gran transformación (blog, ebook,etc) SECA.
    Voy a comenzar con el programa de kayla pero tengo ene dudas con la comida, cuando empezaste la seguiste o igual tuviste algo de cuidado con los carbos? Contaste calorías dirarias? Pregunto pq tú cachai que acá te dicen los nutricionistas que comas 1200 cal y ya está. En fin, mucha suerte y de nuevo congrats! eres seca y te ves preciosa (: (A cuidarse del 18 uyui)


    1. Hola!! No le tengas miedo a los carbohidratos! Asegúrate que sean integrales (pan integral, pasta integral, arroz integral) y vas a estar bien! Enserio!! 🙂 Nunca cuento calorías, es muy estresante! No te preocupes tanto de cuantas calorías comes, solo preocúpate que lo que comas sea sano! Suerteee


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