How to Stay Motivated

This seems to be a question everyone is asking me lately and I feel like this question has many answers.

(To find out a little more about my story and how I got to where I am, read my blog post “How I Went From Lazy Bed Bum To Healthy Fitness Lover“)

Here are some tips for you to stay motivated:

Set achievable goals. 

My initial goal was to do 12 weeks of BBG without quitting. When I finished BBG I was like.. Now what? I continued working out and eating healthy, because I realized this wasn’t something temporary, but something I wanted to continue doing for the rest of my life. Which leads me to…

Aim to make a lifestyle change, not a quick diet.

If you go into this saying “I want to lose 5 kgs for when summer comes” …DON’T!! But if you say “I want to feel good about myself”, this is much more achievable. Feeling good about myself was one of my initial goals, and it was easy to reach! I was happy with my body every step of the way, because I was finally doing something good for it. When I look back at all my progress pictures from weeks 1-12, I realize I was HAPPY. My body may not have shown results immediately, but I felt SO great on the inside, and that’s what counts! Feeling great on the outside came later, with patience and hard work.

Have a workout buddy.

This really helps. Lately I’ve been getting up early and training with some friends at my former high school’s weight room. They pick me up at my house at 6am and we go train before school starts. Waking up early is never easy. But if I know someone’s counting on me, it’s much more likely that i’ll go work out so I don’t disappoint them or leave them hanging! Having someone depend on you sounds like a pain in the butt, but sometimes it’s what you need! Also, when you’re working out together, you’ll want to push yourself to the limit instead of just laying on a mat thinking “yeah, I should probably start now but uuughhh..”

Have your partner, sister, mother, do it with you.

Don’t mistake this for having a friend do this with you. What I mean by this is: I have about 20 different friends and acquaintances doing BBG, and it’s awesome because they’re changing their lifestyles but also we have so much more in common now, so much to talk about. But this is a once in a while kind of thing. You need someone who is PERMANENTLY in the same space as you. So, say, my boyfriend. I started doing this and he did too, and this made it so much easier for us to stick to it. My sister started eating healthy as well. My mom stopped buying unhealthy foods and replaced almost everything in her house with whole wheat versions. This made it so much easier!

“What’s that sis? You’re making a smoothie? Make me some too!”

“Let’s make some healthy lasagna tonight?”

See what i’m saying? If my boyfriend had been eating unhealthy while I was eating healthy, it would have been impossible for me to resist temptation!! But by eliminating (or decreasing) the little unhealthy foods from the house, you’ll be less tempted to eat unhealthy (which will lead to you only eating healthy, which will lead to you having more energy, which will lead to you wanting to work out! Woooo!!)

Set a time for your workout

I don’t know about you, but if I leave my workout up to chance, it’s probably not going to happen. It’s much more productive to set a time. If I say to myself “ok, tomorrow i’m working out at 7 am” then it’s highly more likely that i’ll get it done, as opposed to me saying “yeah, I have to work out tomorrow evening, whenever”. Make the workout part of your routine and it’s highly more probable that you’ll get it done! Read my blog post about Morning or Night Workouts and find what time works best for you.

Stop your excuses.

Yes, you’re busy. We get it. EVERYONE has a lot of things to deal with. Work, school, kids, etc. You probably have time to watch the latest episode of your favorite show but you say you have no time to work out? I call bull! Most of us have a busy schedule, you just need to learn to manage your times. If a mother of two can manage to get up early, prepare food for her kids, go to work, go grocery shopping, go pick up her kids, do all of the house chores, put kids in bed, and work out after that, then WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T?? It takes 30 minutes a day. Seriously. “I was doing great but then I got flooded with all my studying so I gave up and ate all of the burgers and chocolates in a 1000 mile radius” haha i’m not trying to be mean. I understand being busy, i’ve been busy. Somedays it feels impossible. But if you’re serious about this, you’ll find a way to make it work. You’ll take your prepped snacks and meals to school or work, you’ll make some time in the morning or night and you’ll dedicate those 30 minutes a day in making yourself the best possible version of yourself. NO EXCUSES!!

Get enough sleep

You can eat healthy all you want, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll still be exhausted. A good night’s sleep is sooooo important if you want to be motivated! If you’re tired, you’re probably going to stay tired for the rest of the day and that isn’t beneficial for anyone 🙂

Drink Water

This should be obvious, but water is SO IMPORTANT! See my post The Importance of Drinking Water for more information!

I hope this helps!! 🙂


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