Why You’re Not Seeing Results

It’s easy to get frustrated when you work hard and see no progress. Keep the following in mind when you start to get unmotivated!

Proper Nutrition

This is pretty obvious and i’ve said it many times! You can workout everyday, but if you keep feeding your body with crap, you’ll keep on feeling like crap! Eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is SO important! Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep! If you’re exhausted when it comes to working out, your body will be unable to get through a really good workout. 

You’re overworking yourself

You body needs to recover. You need to space your workouts and target different areas for your muscles to be able to recover! There’s no point in overtraining, if you don’t give your body the rest it needs, it will do the opposite: it’ll burn off muscle instead of building it. When you rest, your body repairs the muscle and rebuilds it stronger than before. REST DAYS ARE IMPORTANT, PEOPLE!

No Consistency

You need to be consistent to see results. You can workout for a whole month, but if you don’t workout the next, you’ll obviously slow your progress.

Not Drinking Enough Water/Consuming too many liquid calories

Drink Water! Get used to drinking water, replace your liquid calories with water. It takes some time to drop the soda or sparkling water, but you’ll start loving water eventually. It’ll give you the energy you need, daily, with no calories!

Skipping Breakfast.

BIG NO NO!  I don’t care if you’re not a breakfast person. Become a breakfast person! Start making yourself some breakfast, even if it’s simple and boring. Your body needs to recover from a long period of inactivity, and breakfast gives you the perfect amount of energy and regulates hunger. If you eat breakfast, you’ll likely be less hungry when lunch comes around and it’ll stop you from stuffing your face with the first thing you find.

Only doing Cardio / Not enough weights

Cardio burns calories, but you need to build muscle is you’re trying to lose weight. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Read Kayla’s latest blog post about Cardio vs. Weights! Don’t be afraid to add weights to your workout routine, weights won’t make you bulky if you’re eating healthy foods.

Giving Up

So you didn’t see any results in two weeks and you’re done? Don’t expect too much too quick. Progress takes time. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Every body is different and you’ll eventually get where you want to be. You’ll need to work your ass off but DON’T GIVE UP! YOU GOT THIS!


2 thoughts on “Why You’re Not Seeing Results

  1. Hola nati 🙂

    Primero, felicitarte porque eres una verdadera inspiración! Qué alegría encontrar tu instagram y luego este blog!!

    Quisiera preguntarte algo: No tengo aún la guía de Kayla, pero busco videos en youtube para entrenarme. ¿Crees que hacer abdominales o brazos, o piernas, por ejemplo, día por medio está bien? o ¿mejor dedico un día para cada músculo y así descansan? Muchas gracias, querida!!


    1. Hola Dani!
      El método de Kayla es enfocarse en una parte del cuerpo por día.. por lo general hace piernas y cardio los lunes, abdominales y brazos los miercoles, y full body los viernes. es importante que en los días entremedio hagas otro tipo de cardio, algo no muy pesado! como caminar rapidamente por 40 min. suerte!


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