Body Measurements & Size?

Many people have asked me for my body measurements. I have NO IDEA what my hip or waist measurements are and I have no interest in knowing. I’m not doing this for the numbers! I’m doing this to feel and look healthy and happy!! This is why I don’t measure myself and I try not to weigh myself often.

My pants size dropped from a 40 to a 36. My shirts dropped from M to S (sometimes XS). I can wear XS sports shorts and pants now if they’re not tooooo tight.

And as I’ve said earlier, I started my fitness journey weighing 56 kilos (123 pounds) and I lost about 10 kilos (22 pounds) but I’ve gained a lot of it back.

I’m 1,56 cm (5,1) by the way!


4 thoughts on “Body Measurements & Size?

  1. What did you do with all of your (now too big) old clothes? I’m doing BBG and don’t know what to do with mine! 🙂 lots of love X


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