Teami Blends Review

I’ve been using Teami Blends Skinny and Colon Tea for about 2 weeks now and I thought I’d write a honest review 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.38.44 AM

The Teami Skinny is a blend of all natural ingredients (yerba mate, oolong tea, lotus leaf, lime leaf extract, among others) that helps boost your metabolism and suppress appetite. It also reduces bloating, increases energy and aids in the digestion process. 

These are a few of the things this tea promises. And, thankfully, it’s all true. 

I’ve been drinking this tea first thing in the morning, with my breakfast, and I love it! I’ve never been a coffee addict, so I don’t need much caffeine to wake me up, but this tea contains enough plant based caffeine to do the trick. I feel energized as soon as I drink it. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.39.16 AM

I drink it plain, and I like the taste of it. It’s nothing special, not too strong, which is why I love it. I usually refill my cup about 3 times a day. 

The Teami Infuser is my favorite! I’ve used other infusers (those with a long string that ends up falling inside the tea.. annoying!) but this one is great because it stands up on it’s own and it’s so cuuuute! 

I highly recommend this tea 👍

I’ve also been using the Teami Colon. This tea helps your digestive system get moving (for realz), rid the body of toxic waste, and help with bloating and gas.

It has a stronger taste than the Skinny, but I like it anyway. 

This tea is supposed to be taken every other night. I admit, I didn’t do enough research about this tea before drinking it. In the directions, it says “Allow tea bag to steep between 1-3 minutes before drinking”. I thought to myself, “ah, interesting” but didn’t think it through and left it for about 3 minutes. Big mistake! Woke up the next morning with the worst cramps and had to rush to the bathroom 😳

The next time I drank it, I let the bag steep in boiling water for 1 minute only before removing it, and it was much better! 

So my recommendation for this tea: use with caution! Start off letting it steep in the water for 1 minute and then maybe move up. Cramps are no fun! Also, use as close to your bedtime as possible. You don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night by your body saying “hey, this colon tea is working!” haha!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.39.03 AM

Overall thoughts:

I love Teami. Not only are the products really good, I love the brand and the customer service.

I think these teas are a great complement to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. I do not support the idea of drinking these teas alone and hoping for magical results. 

I am drinking these teas as a complement to my lifestyle. I am not expecting to lose weight and I’m not tracking my “progress” closely.

I’ve heard of a lot of people who have replaced their cup of coffee with some teami skinny in the morning and I can vouch for that! It does leave me very energized and satisfied!

If you’re looking to buy these teas, you can use the code MANGO for a 10% discount on ANY order! Let me know if you like them or if you try any other flavors! 🙂


I received the Teami Tumbler a few weeks ago and i’ve been using it daily. Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.05.47 AM

So far, i’m loving it. It’s the perfect size to take on the go. What I usually do is add 1 tablespoon or so of skinny tea and cold water. Some people have trouble understanding where to put the teami, if that’s your case, you can watch this explanatory video. In the video they use hot water, but i’ve been drinking it with cold water. I guess it depends on the season, but it’s so hot in Chile right now, I like to drink it cold!



I sometimes add some strawberries or lemons into the tumbler for a sweeter taste. But most of the time I drink it without anything else.

What I like about the teami tumbler is that I can carry it with me anywhere, and the tea doesn’t necessarily have to be hot. So i’m getting all the benefits of the skinny tea all dayyyy (cuz i just refill the tumbler with water and use the same tea – i’m cheap like that :D)

So yeah! If you do buy one of these, I hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “Teami Blends Review

  1. Thank you so much for posting this honest review! I’ve being looking into the detox by Teami to use as a cleanse to add into my daily lifestyle. I haven’t wanted it for weight loss and have been looking for someone else that has used it in a similar way as I hope to. Your review was a big help, so thank you!


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