The Importance of a Support System

When I first started bbg last year, I thought it would be hard and I was right. It’s hard changing your life around from one day to the next. It’s hard changing your habits, waking up early to get your workouts in, taking your own snacks to a party and getting weird looks from other people when you tell them you don’t eat chips or pizza anymore. 

It’s hard, but it’s worth it, and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for my support system: my friends, the instagram community and my boyfriend.


On my first week of BBG, I went to one of my friend’s house with two other friends and we were tanning. I was telling them about BBG and when the time came to eat some quesadillas, I politely declined. Two of my friends were peer pressuring me to eat the quesadillas, while my best friend encouraged me not to. I was so grateful she did that. She was actually interested in everything I was doing and a week later she started the HELP guide. 

She’s an olympic skier. She’s been to three olympics and is currently training for her fourth. She’s always been active, but she could never lose the extra kilos. She started the HELP guide and saw results immediately! Needless to say, she was hooked! Together, we convinced many of our friends to try BBG and the HELP guide. 

IMG_4165 IMG_3287

Soon, most of my best friends were doing BBG. I was so happy! Knowing my friends decided to change their lives the same way I did was so rewarding! Seeing their progress pictures, having healthy dinners, having someone to talk about healthy foods and workouts, having someone to workout with… this was all SO GREAT!!


I decided to create my Instagram the last day of December, 2014. I wanted to share my 12 week progress pictures and I couldn’t think of a better place. I created my instagram and some hours later, Kayla shared one of my pictures! It was so encouraging/overwhelming to have so many people follow my journey all at once! I made a commitment to my instagram, and decided I would post pictures daily and answer as many questions as I could. 

I don’t know where I’d be without this instagram. I probably would have fallen off the fitness and healthy eating wagon haha. There’s been many times where I’ve felt gross, felt like i’m not enough, felt like giving up. I’ve shared these thoughts on my instagram and the response has always been so positive and encouraging! I love the instagram community and i’m glad I created my fitness instagram back in December. I’ve connected with so many beautiful women around the world, and I even had the chance to go to a BBG Meetup in Chicago! Never in a million years did I think i’d be travelling to another country to meet my “internet friends” haha! But i’m so glad I did!


My Boyfriend:

My boyfriend and I started our fitness journey on the same day. We threw out all unhealthy foods, and started eating healthy foods, together. We started falling in love with eating healthy, started experimenting with healthy recipes, and we ended up LOVING it! While I was doing BBG, he did Insanity. We both lost a lot of weight and gained SO MUCH ENERGY! It was so cool seeing changes in his body and mine at the same time, seeing these daily accomplishments! He’s been my biggest supporter, encouraging me to create a recipe book to share my discoveries, trying all my recipes (even if sometimes they’re a failure haha) and working out with me even when he doesn’t feel like it!

I’ve been living with him for a few months now and i’m sure I couldn’t do this without his support. If he was eating pizza all day, I’d be very tempted to do so too. He gets his cheat meals when he’s at the office, but while he’s home, we try to stay as healthy as possible together and I love that.


I can’t stress how important a support system is when you’re starting your fitness journey. It’s always going to be hard, but having people supporting you during your journey helps, A LOT!!

I’m lucky enough to have my friends, the instagram community and my boyfriend to support me. But even if I only had one of these three, I would be happy.

If you do this alone, it’ll be harder. So try to convince a close friend to start this journey with you. 

Most importantly, make yourself a fitness instagram. I never understood the meaning of “community” until I found my bbg sisters. You don’t necessarily need to do BBG to start your fitness journey. You can do whatever fitness program you want. But there’s a hashtag for anything and everything on Instagram, and when you find “your tribe” you’ll understand what I mean.


4 thoughts on “The Importance of a Support System

  1. I totally agree – sharing photos and see others progress on Instagram is so inspiring! I hope I see results like others. I don’t follow the HELP guide, but my eating habits have dramatically changed already; I make better choices when it comes to all of my meals thanks to BBG!


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