Finding Balance After One Year of BBG

On Sunday it’ll be my one year BBG anniversary 😱 and I want to share a bit about how much my mentality has changed since I started bbg. I wrote this same post earlier on my instagram but thought I’d share with the people who follow my blog as well 😊

Last year, I was very strict with myself. I began bbg with so much determination to see a change, that I refused to slip up. I only had one cheat meal a week & I stopped drinking completely. I lost a lot of weight & I felt great! But after months of bbg & healthy eating, I reached a moment where I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep living like that. I couldn’t keep saying no to plans because of my fear of being close to unhealthy foods and alcohol. I began drinking beer & wine again, and I relaxed a bit with my eating. There’s been moments where I got waayy too relaxed (about one or two months ago.. #thankswinter) to the point where I didn’t workout for about 2 weeks.. but it’s all helped me find my balance. I used to think balance was eating 100% healthy & working out 7 times a week. Then I realized that wouldn’t work in the long term. Maybe eating 80% healthy and working out 5-6 times a week is the way to go for me.

This weekend I went to the countryside with a group of friends and I ate lots of things I maybe shouldn’t have. A year ago I would regret it 🙈 Do I regret any of the choices I made this weekend? No! I still tried to eat healthy foods when I could, I avoided some foods and gave in to others. I went for a walk with my boyfriend, so something’s something, right?

I woke up early today and got my workout in. I could have sat on my couch and felt bad about myself and my choices this weekend. But I put on my nikes, put on some music and I gave it my all 💪🏼  It might take me a while longer to get back to where I want my body to be, but i’m enjoying the journey. I’m savoring every moment. I’m happy with my choices, because it’s all part of the journey. I’m still learning what’s best for me, and I now know that regretting my choices isn’t gonna do me any good 😊


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance After One Year of BBG

  1. Felicitaciones por tus logros y encontrar tu equilibrio. Yo comencé con la BBG y estoy en mi week 4… me gustaría saber por cuánto tiempo dejaste de beber alcohol. La verdad yo también decidí dejarlo por un tiempo ya que siento que es lo que me ha estado impidiendo bajar de peso. Me gustaría me contaras tu experiencia al respecto. Saludos y felicitaciones!


    1. Hola! Gracias! Dejé de tomar alcohol como por 3 meses y ahora tomo ocasionalmente. Pero solamente tomo vino, cerveza y champaña. Dejé el pisco, que era lo que más me hacía daño!


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