Khongboon Swimwear Review

This summer I spent a looooot of time in a bikini.

Luckily, I had many options to choose from. I’m a colorful person, so I like my bikinis with lots of colorful prints.

One of my favorite brands this year has been Khongboon Swimwear. Their bikinis are beautiful, and they have a lot of different patterns and designs to choose from.

Disclaimer: I don’t get paid to promote them, just sharing my unbiased opinion and love for this brand.

When you enter their website, you might be a bit overwhelmed. There are so many patterns and designs to choose from! It took me a while to decide on just one swimsuit.

First I got the SANTORINI in size XS top and M bottom. The bottom fits like a glove, I love it! The cheeky bottom is perfect. The top is a bit small, I sometimes feel like a boob might randomly pop out haha I feel like a S top might have been a better fit.

I loved this bikini so much I had to get another, so I got the ATZARA in size S top and M bottom. The top fits a lot a better than the one I got last time. The bottom is a cheeky cut and I loooove it.

All of the bikinis from this brand are reversible, so it’s like you get four bikinis for the price of one. I haven’t really taken advantage of that yet! Will have to play around with them some more.

They ship worldwide, and this is a huge YESSS for me. I live in Chile (aka the end of the world) so shipping to Chile usually takes a while, but both times the bikinis arrived within a short period of time.

The price is not too expensive (but not cheap either: $89 dollars for a top and a bottom). They are considered luxury bikinis, since they are handmade and a great quality material, but the price is worth it.

If you like playful, sexy and colorful bikinis, I highly recommend getting your hands on one of these. You won’t regret it!




2 thoughts on “Khongboon Swimwear Review

  1. Hi! Can I ask you what size do wear normally in your bra and your bottom? I really like these bikinis but I am unsure about sizing… i have your shape pretty close so it would help me 🙂 Thank you


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