Senita Review

You know those brands that say their affordable and then you end up wasting hundreds on them?? Senita is definitely NOT one of them. Their prices are affordable, without compromising quality. Which is why this sports bra has quickly become one of my favorite bras ever.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

When I first tried on my Senita bra, I couldn’t believe how supportive it was. The design is beautiful, yes, but what I love about this bra is how comfortable it is. I don’t even have much boobs to hold, yet I feel like my boobs are SAFE AF.

Seriously, I can’t recommend this brand enough. Their products are great quality at a great price. But if you’re looking to get an even better price, you can use the code squatmango for 10% off on your purchase.

Or you can participate in my instagram giveaway and win a $50 gift card for anything on their store!

Stay tuned for more reviews and giveaways this week! And if you want to find out about my weeklong giveaway click here.

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