Chirimoya Restaurant

IMG_0557A few months ago, my boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip to the north of Argentina. I had recently stopped eating meat, so going to the meat loving country next door presented a challenge. I stayed strong though. There was always at least one vegetarian option in all the restaurants we ate at. That vegetarian option was always boring or deep-fried. When I travel I try to stay as healthy as possible, but finding something meat-less AND healthy in Argentina wasn’t too easy.


Which is why I was SO HAPPY to find Chirimoya – a vegan restaurant – in Salta. I’m not a vegan, but I truly enjoy eating at vegan restaurants. I feel like vegan cooking is very creative & nutritious.

I went with my boyfriend and his mom, two meat lovers, and they both loved their food (yussss). When looking at the menu I seriously couldn’t decide on what I wanted. I got a “lomito de quinoa” and it was so good! The portions were so big we took leftovers home.

If you’re ever in Salta, Argentina, make sure to check out this restaurant! The service was kind of slow but I felt like that was more of a local problem in Salta in general. The food was incredible and I look forward to the day I go back to Salta just so I can eat that lomito de quinoa again!


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