Squatmango Anniversary: Treats Not Cheats

I was scrolling through some old transformation pictures recently and I realized.. “holy shit, it’s been two years since I took that picture!” which means it’s already been TWO YEARS since I started this fitness journey and unknowingly changed my life.

Man, time flies. I feel like it’s been forever since I first started BBG. So much has happened in these two years; I’ve done BBG plenty of times but i’ve also started (and never really finished) other workout guides. I’ve lost a shitload of weight, then gained a lot of it back. I’ve written a recipe book, i’ve started another one (which I really need to sit down and finish haha), I’ve graduated from university, I moved in with my boyfriend, then moved across the world to Australia with him just a month ago.

If you’ve been following along on my instagram (which is where I keep most people updated, sorry about being MIA on here lately), then you know all this. But I wanted to reflect on what these two years have meant for me, and tell you guys what i’ve learned about fitness & health.

I started writing this blog post and realized it was gonna be a long one, so i’ll be diving it into lots of different blog posts, all under the name Squatmango Anniversary.

First topic:


When I started BBG, I only let myself have one or two cheat meals a week. I ate super clean and had a (not too big) cheat meal which usually wasn’t too unhealthy. I stopped drinking, I stopped partying as much.. I basically quit lots of things COLD TURKEY cuz it was what I needed at the time, in order to lose the extra weight I was carrying.

I actually think having one cheat meal a week helped me tremendously when it came down to losing weight, and also, in creating healthy habits. If I hadn’t had the “one cheatmeal a week” rule, I probably would have allowed way more treats, ended up binging more, therefore not seeing quick results, and probably giving up. But since I was so strict at first, I was able to see fast progress in less than a month, which motivated me to keep going! I created healthy habits from the start and allowed myself one or two treats a week and that kept my cravings under control.

After months of being super strict, though, it became an obsession. I was TOO healthy. Way too much healthy, not enough living.. that’s not the way it should be. I eventually realised I couldn’t keep avoiding my social life just because I would be tempted to eat anything unhealthy.

pink shorts november april
I meaaaan, I was pretty fit and I miss being that lean, but at what cost?

I slowly became more and more relaxed (and eventually became TOO relaxed) and somewhere in between all of this, I found this wonderful thing called


Let me tell ya, my life changed, once again. I had already lost the weight. I could either keep up my healthy obsessive hermit lifestyle, or I could go back to enjoying myself – in moderation. I chose to give that a try.

I let myself have that beer. I let myself have that pizza. But since I already had the healthy habits and the healthy mindset, I could pick myself back up the day after and sweat my ass off, make myself some delicious healthy meals, and continue life. I began treating myself more often. Sure, I gained some weight back, but I also gained my life back.

I’m no longer trying to lose weight, i’m just trying to be the healthiest me I can be. Sometimes we seem to forget that being the healthiest version of yourself means letting yourself have that ice cream. You GOTTA TREAT YO SELF.

#TREATSNOTCHEATS is what I live by now. Cheat meals used to work for me. Now they don’t. If you’re trying to lose weight and create healthy habits, then by all means, stick to the cheat meal logic. But if you’re trying to remain healthy and remain SANE, then treat yo self wheneeeever you please. For me, that’s eating lots of peanut butter & having beers.

Treating yourself doesn’t mean getting back to your old ways. It doesn’t mean binge eating and then deciding to skip the gym for a few days. It means eating that ice cream cuz YOU DESERVE IT but then going to that one class at the gym cuz YOUR BODY DESERVES IT TOO.

See? It’s all about balance.


I might not be the leanest i’ve ever been in the past two years, but I can certainly say i’m the happiest. I’ve found the balance between too much and too little, and it’s only taken me a few years 😀 haha

Tune back in to my blog in the next few days for more thoughts on my two year anniversary aka #SQUATMANGOANNIVERSARY



2 thoughts on “Squatmango Anniversary: Treats Not Cheats

  1. Thank you so much for your inspiring post! I am constantly feeling guilty whenever I have any treats so it’s great to see how you have learnt to treat yoself and embrace it because you know that at the end of the day, you lead an active life. I hope that one day I can learn to be as comfortable with my body as you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey 🙂


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