My biggest instagram inspirators

I remember being so hesitant about starting a fitness instagram account. I was scared that my acquaintances would find me and see my progress pictures and it would be awkward and embarrassing. But I knew my progress was good, and I knew I wanted to find a platform to share my story and hopefully inspire someone. Little did I know creating my fitness instagram would change my life.

In the two years I’ve had this account, I’ve achieved so many fitness goals, seen myself grow stronger, fallen in love with cooking healthy foods, written a recipe book, and most importantly: met and connected with SO MANY AMAZING WOMEN all around the world. And I’ve been constantly inspired by hundreds of women I have yet to meet but who I feel I’ve known for a lifetime.

Social media is a tricky place, and if you’re not careful with the types of people and accounts you follow, you could subconsciously be receiving negative information that only depresses you (like all those squat butt abs goals inspiration motivation pages that feed you pictures of amazing bodies with no significant captions or content to inspire you.. just makes you hate yourself to be honest #stopfollowingthoseshitsplease)

This is why it’s so important to follow women who will INSPIRE you, MOTIVATE you to be a better you, HELP you with tips and answers to your questions, CREATE amazing content, and most importantly, women who are willing to connect with their following and be real and down to earth and funny and relatable… you get the point.

SO! I thought I’d share a list of the women who have inspired me the most this year on instagram. I have not yet met any of these women in real life but when I do, I’m gonna squeeze the shit out of them and thank them for the impact they’ve had on my life 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.20.01 AM.png


@getfitbrooklyn: Chinae is the definition of a badass girl boss. She’s authentic, articulate, hilarious, sexy, inspiring & did I mention she’s funny? Makes me laugh so much. If you’re on snapchat and don’t follow her then you’re seriously missing out. Her occassional Q&As are so entertaining, her storytelling is always so funny, and her recommendations are on point. I’ve learned so much from you Chinae, so thank you for all that you do.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.40.24 AM.png

@workoutbean: Jera has one of my biggest motivators in 2016. Her journey to become a soulcycle instructor has been full of ups and downs but she’s pushed through and shown that nothing worth having comes easy. She hasn’t given up on her dreams and she’s worked SO HARD to get to where she is today. It’s been so amazing to see her grow into this confident and happy woman ❤ also, her captions are hilarious and her dog is the cutest lil nugget in the world.


@healthylivingdreams: Alena was one of my first insta friends and it’s been so amazing to see her grow into the strong woman she is today. I initially followed her because of her inspiring transformations (and we both started bbg at around the same time), but her instagram has become so much more than that. She’s lived abroad, made some tough personal decisions, worked hard to become a PT, moved on from bbg to weightlifting, and now she’s KILLIN IT at the gym lifting with (the also amazing) @madlymish. Seeing her shift in attitude and confidence this past year has been truly AMAZING. I’m SO proud of Alena and I can’t wait to workout with her SOMEDAY!!

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-49-02-am Umama is the ultimate girl boss. She’s one of my dearest instagram friends, always incredibly supportive and down to earth. Her snapchat discussions are really helpful and motivating, and her instagram is full of helpful tips and videos. Also, she’s a shorty like me and she’s so strong and beautiful and her body is serious goals (and I don’t say that about many people haha)!



@the_southern_yogi@jessicaolie: I had to put these two beautiful women together cuz a.) they’re yogi besties b.) you can’t follow one of them without following the other and c.) they are both the reason I started doing yoga. Morgan and Jess are incredibly inspiring when it comes to yoga. Morgan uploads daily videos of her flows, yoga challenges & tips. Also lots of videos of her cat and dog but who doesn’t love those haha! Jess also uploads lots of videos and pictures of her yoga practice, and she makes it look so easy. I bought her let’s start yoga ebook last year and it’s been so helpful! But the main reason you should follow them: when they’re together, they take the most beautiful yoga shots and they’ll inspire you to want to do more yoga and try new poses and new practices (like acroyoga! so fun). I’ve learned so much from both of them and I look forward to their daily pictures and videos ❤


@yoga_girl: if you don’t know who Rachel is by now then you’re probably living under a rock! Rachel has been my inspiration this past year in living a more authentic and happy life. Her instagram (and her personal brand) is about so much more than just yoga and promoting products (in fact, I don’t think i’ve ever seen her promote any brand). She has so many different projects; sgtpeppersfriends, a pet rescue foundation, oneoeight, an online yoga studio, 109 world, a voluntourism global mission trips project, and island yoga, a yoga studio in Aruba. I have learned so much from her and I seriously can’t wait to meet her someday and keep learning from her. She’s amazing. PS. i’ve looooved following her pregnancy on instagram, she’s glowing and SO CUTE and I legit squeaked with happiness when she announced she was pregnant haha


Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.50.35 AM.png

@onthecountofthree: I’m so happy I discovered this girl on instagram. She doesn’t post very often, but when she does, it’s pure gold. All of her videos are guaranteed to make you smile. Whether she’s doing yoga, dancing or weightlifting, she always makes it look so easy and fun and I love her for it. Seriously, check her out and you’ll thank me later. Also, her relationship with @carsonclaycalhoun is the cutest and i die with every video/pic they upload together haha #fangirl


I’m sure i’m missing many more inspiring women in this list. And i’m sure i’ll find many more inspiring and motivating women this coming year. I can’t wait to connect with more likeminded people and keep growing and learning from them. This is the year of women, I CAN FEEL IT!!

If you have any personal fitness/yoga/lifestyle favorites, please feel free to share! I’m always looking for inspiration!


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