Helloooo lovely humans! My name is Nati. No wait, my name is Natalia, but the only people who call me that are either 55+ years old or asking for a punch in the face. Just call me Nati or Nats and we’ll get along just fine 🙂


I’m 25 years old, and I’m from Santiago, Chile. I studied in an International School, which explains why I prefer speaking/writing/reading in English instead of Spanish. Feel free to talk to me in Spanish if that’s your language! If you happen to speak to me in Spanglish then we’re probably gonna be besties.

In college I studied Advertising, and when I graduated I thought I’d never do anything related to Advertising ever again. And here I am now, promoting myself and a healthy lifestyle. Life has it’s ways of saying AHA! DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING DID YOU? 😂

All my life, I never once thought of myself as an athlete. I was never good at sports (clumsy + basketball/baseball/volleyball/soccer don’t mix well) and I was never an active person (spent most of my time on the internet, on my bed, hungover). After I graduated from high school I gained a lot of weight due to my lack of any physical activity and my constant drinking and partying.

body transformation 3In 2011 I finally started to do something about my weight, so I did lots of stupid diets that never really worked (though I did lose a bit of weight). I never really understood the meaning of being HEALTHY until I stumbled upon Kayla‘s Instagram and starting her Bikini Body Guide and her H.E.L.P. Nutrition Plan in late 2014.


I did BBG for months and managed to obtain great results, physically and mentally. I fell in love with living a healthy, balanced lifestyle (as opposed to being on a diet and depriving myself of basically everything). When I started using the guide, I stopped making excuses and started creating healthy habits.

Since then, I’ve been experimenting with lots of other workouts and trying to find what works best for me. I use BBG now and then but always try to mix it up and try new things.

The guides helped me begin this lifestyle, but it was Instagram that helped me stick to it. After 3 months of doing BBG, I thought “hey, maybe I should share some of my progress pictures!” so I created my instagram (previously @natsbbg, now @squatmango) one night and uploaded three progress pictures. I woke up the next day and my instagram was flooded with love. I received so many comments and messages in my first day I almost broke down crying with tears of joy. I felt like I had entered a new world where EVERYONE IS SUPER NICE and everyone says things like “YOU GO GIRL”. I discovered a community of loving, encouraging and motivational women who have kept me going ever since.

I began sharing my recipes on my instagram. Lots of people asked me how I managed to eat healthy and keep it simple but fun, so I decided to make my own recipe book to share my everyday recipes with anyone who’d want them!

I’m so glad I decided to change my life back in 2014. By starting to live a healthier life, I transformed on the outside AND on the inside. I learned that my body is capable of so much more than I thought it did. I became a strong, fit, healthy and confident woman. And most importantly, I became a part of a community of amazing women who empower each other on a daily basis. I’ve made so many new friends all over the world and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without each and every one of them ❤️


If you want to know more about my story, read my blog post How I Went From Lazy Bed Bum To Healthy Fitness Lover 🙂

I hope i’ll be able to answer all of your questions! Feel free to ask me ANYTHING! 🙂

If you want to check out my progress pictures, click here!

Instagram: @squatmango

Mail: squatmango@gmail.com


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hola! Me llamo Belen tengo 24 años y vivo en España.Empecé a seguirte porque vi tu avance en el instagram de Kayla (ENHORABUENA ESTAS GUAPISIMA!!!) y me sentí identificada! Me encanta la web que has hecho y me está ayudando tener confianza y no rendirme hasta ver resultados (voy a empezar la 3 semana y no ver cambios físicamente me desanima!!) pero experiencias como la tuya hacen que no me rinda! Muchas gracias por compartir tu nuevo lifestyle! Un abrazo!


    1. I want to start but im confused on how the workouts are set up. week 1 monday 1-3? i dont get it? are rest days tues, thurs, sat and sun?


      1. Hi Nadia! You have to do Monday’s workout on Monday Week 1 and Week 3. It’s basically the same workout on weeks 1 and 3. on tuesday thursday and saturday you do LISS!


  2. Hola! Me llamo Alessandra tengo 24 años y vivo en Peru .Empecé a seguirte porque vi tu avance en el instagram de Kayla y me sentí identificada! Me encanta todo lo que has hecho y me está ayudando tener confianza quisiera q me contaras que hiciste para bajar de peso, dame una ayudadita por favor que estoy desesperada. escribi a tu personal pero no pude hacerlo. espero tu respuesta gracias.


  3. Hola Nats primero que nada, en verdad felicidades! Has logrado demasiado! Estoy iniciando y quería ver que ejemplo de comidas llevabas para darme una idea de que comer xD gracias por la motivación que nos brindas! Eres increíble!


  4. Hola!! Soy de Uruguay y tengo 17 años. Hace tiempo estoy haciendo dietas y ejercicio en busca de resultados y no obtengo lo que quiero y eso me desmotiva. Encontré tu instagram y me encantaron tus resultados! Quisiera saber si puedes ayudarme, darme algún consejo y contarme has hecho al principio, rutina, alimentos, etc. Te agradecería bastante! Saludos


  5. Hola nats! También me llamo Natalia 🙂 ! Quería hacerte una pregunta hace poco empece el BBG y quería saber si la piña es un buen snack! Alguien me dijo que tenía demasiada azúcar y ahora que lo pienso el las recetas de Kayla no hay nada con piña! Debería o no consumirla?
    Gracias un abrazo


    1. Hola tocaya!! La verdad es que no tengo idea. Yo como cualquier fruta como snack, porque pienso, “puede que esto tenga azucar, pero me va a hacer mejor que comerme unas papas fritas!” jajaj asique yo diría que sí, puedes comer piña, pero moderadamente! Además si comes mucha te empieza a doler la lengua! Suerte!


  6. Hi!

    I have a question…I have a friend on facebook that posted this picture of you from your instagram: https://instagram.com/p/0A0b0hw5o4/?taken-by=natsbbg

    And then…he made this status: “A girl I been helping, giving her diets for 6 months, she didn’t workout at all, she only did cardio about twice a week. And it was flexible…if your willing to actually put forth 100% I’ll help…but when you count every calorie and have a goal great things happen! I don’t have a piece of paper to show I’m certified, but I know what works!”

    His name is Thomas Turnbo. Is this true? Or is this guy a fraud and making things up on facebook for


      1. What’s your email? Because he is doing this recurring and its pissing me off. I’d like to send you a message.


  7. Natiiiii eres la mejor! Eres la inspiracionde mi grupo de amigas… Somos adolescentes y nos gusta festejar y beber pero nos inspira tu historia 😁 no dejes de hacer lo que haces, nos motivas a trabajar por lo que queremos 💘 un fuerte abrazo desde la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico.


  8. Dear Nati,

    I am a true fan of your blog! I stumbled upon your instagram when I was looking for some motivation to lose weight. You are a true inspiration, I have to say! Fact is, I am very motivated by the way you have worked yourself through this process! Since 5 weeks, I am following the Kayla BBG guide, but I only have lost about 0.5kg (I’m about your height and weigh 57kg).. This isn’t really motivating I guess (even though I stick to the exercises and the nutrition plan)… Can you please tell me, how did you succeeded in losing weight before you did Kayla’s programme? It would mean a lot to me!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Liz! Thanks for your kind comments. Well, when I started this fitness journey I never intended to lose a certain amount of weight. I never really did it to “lose 5 kilos” or whatever. I did it to feel better about my body. And I feel you should do that too! Don’t be discouraged by the scale. If you’re doing BBG the right way (doing the resistance workouts 3 times a week and doing LISS on the other days, also eating healthy foods) you should SEE results. Don’t look at the scale, look at the mirror. See how much better you FEEL and how much better you LOOK!! Keep going and you’ll see results!! Good luck!


      1. Hello Nati!
        Thank you so much for your sweet reply! I really appreciate it! I will try not to focus on the scale that much anymore. I guess the weight will drop off eventually 🙂
        Kind regards,


  9. Seca!! Te pasaste! Espero el libro de recetas en español !! Mi inglés de comida es terrible y la alimentación es lo que más me.cuesta sobretodo por falta de tiempo! Buenísima inicitaiva! Saludos de una compatriota who’s starting bbg this week!


  10. Hey, Im about 157cm and 49kg. I used to be very athletic and fit, but lately I’ve stopped working out, playing sports, and lost a lot of muscle especially on my leg area. This has made me very insecure about my body since it made me gain alot of cellulite, and can barely show my legs anymore (not even at home). I wouldn’t say i’m fat, but I’m just not fit anymore. I was wondering if you ever had cellulite and if so did it go away? Also what kept you motivated? I’ve tried Kaylas guide twice now and keep giving up around week 3. I somehow always feel sick when i do her circuits and i don’t know if its because i go too extreme. Was it hard for you at first? Im sorry for all the questions but I’ve tried asking so many BBG girls and no one has given me an answer yet 😦 and i was hoping you could help me 🙂

    Thankyou for taking your time to read this ❤ ❤


    1. Hi Nora!! thanks for writing. It’s hard to stay motivated with BBG at times. There’s times when I want to give up, but I think to myself “it’s only half an hour, you can do this!”. Try to find your motivation. At first I was motivated by losing weight, now i’m motivated to become the best version of myself! You don’t need to do BBG though, find whatever works for you and stick to it! Also, cellulite is a recurring theme for me, and what works best is working out, drinking lots of water and avoiding bad foods! Hope this helps. Good luck!


  11. Hola Naty! Te sigo hace haaarto en Instagram, y eres mi inspiración de todos los días! Quería pedirte tu opinión de mi situación; no tengo muchos conocidos ‘deportistas’ para preguntar xd.
    Empecé a hacer ejercicio hace dos meses. Durante un mes empecé a hacer cardio progresivo para acondicionarme y prepararme (desde el colegio que no hago NADA de ejercicio jajaja). Al siguiente mes, empecé con BBG! Pero a pesar de incluso mejorar mi alimentación y llevar ejercicio hace un tiempo, no veo ningún cambio 😦 Sé que llevo poco tiempo de BBG, y que también empecé con un peso normal (60kg y 1’60m), pero pucha Naty, hasta subí dos kilitos. Tampoco noto cambio de tallas, y no es que no me esfuerce 😥 quiero decir, troto un buen rato antes de hacer los circuitos, y los otros días hago ejercicios de FitnessBlender. ¿Algún consejo o palabra sabia de la mejor? jajaja.
    Un gran abrazo Naty! 🙂


    1. Hola Karla!! hmmm que será!! Te tomaste fotos antes de empezar? Si quieres escríbeme un email, me cuentas lo que comes todos los días y vemos si esque hay algo que quizas estás haciendo mal! Me imagino la frustración que debes estar sintiendo! escríbeme! squatmango@gmail.com besos!


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