Chirimoya Restaurant

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip to the north of Argentina. I had recently stopped eating meat, so going to the meat loving country next door presented a challenge. I stayed strong though. There was always at least one vegetarian option in all the restaurants we ate at. That vegetarian option … More Chirimoya Restaurant

Giveaway Week

Hello beautiful people!! I always seem to forget I have a blog, which is why I haven’t blogged anything in a while. But i’m back and planning on writing more on here! (fingers crossed I don’t forget that by tomorrow) If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m doing a week long giveaway this week of … More Giveaway Week

Senita Review

You know those brands that say their affordable and then you end up wasting hundreds on them?? Senita is definitely NOT one of them. Their prices are affordable, without compromising quality. Which is why this sports bra has quickly become one of my favorite bras ever. When I first tried on my Senita bra, I … More Senita Review

Aldea Nativa

One of my favorite healthy spots here in Santiago is Aldea Nativa. This cafe/shop is an extension of the online shop Loving Life. The loving life store sells organic products, and the owners have a youtube channel in which they show their viewers different recipes and tips. My friend has followed this channel for a … More Aldea Nativa